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Your trusty base camp for effective and efficient marketing solutions.  Red Arrow is not a traditional ad agency.  

Our approach to your goals and challenges is refreshingly different.  So is our approach to our partnership with you.  Just as the red arrow on a compass provides genuine direction, we're genuine about everything we do, from the strategies we recommend and the messages we develop, to the way we work with you throughout the process. It's a philosophy that focuses on your goals, not ours, to the mutual advantage of your brand and your budget. 


Red Arrow principal Emil Bertalot

is a 25-year marketing veteran

 whose diverse creative talents include award-winning and 

results-achieving copywriting,

 creative concepting, radio,

TV and video production,

email and web banner creation, art direction and design. He also serves capably as a manager and consultant on marketing projects and programs.


When the task at hand requires

a larger skill set than what Emil can personally provide, he draws from a capable, experienced network of exceptional marketing professionals, forming a team with the ideal tools and talents

to accomplish your goals.  These customized teams deliver results that are on-strategy and on-budget, with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


The combined talents of Emil Bertalot and the Red Arrow network offer a complete range of marketing services and tactical support. This extensive list includes consultation, project management, strategic planning, media planning and buying, brand development,

web and app design, and a

full slate of creative

 tactical services.  



Red Arrow is led by 25-year marketing veteran Emil Bertalot (left), whose tremendous depth and breadth of experience allows him to capably serve in roles ranging from copywriter to creative director to project manager. During his career, Emil has worked with clients spanning a vast variety of categories, from destinations and recreation to food and beverage to professional, technical and industrial, gathering rave reviews from clients, results in the marketplace, and hundreds of awards for creativity and effectiveness. 

When the assignment requires a larger skill set, Emil taps into a seasoned band of capable, responsible and friendly marketing pros, forming a customized team with the ideal tools and talents to deliver exceptional results with great efficiency. Some of Red Arrow's core network partners include (from left to right) Kay Gazdova (strategic planning), Taylor Smith (art direction/design), Cynthia Qualich (media buying/planning), and Joe the wonder dog (office manager/chief financial officer).



The many compelling reasons to partner with Red Arrow can be summarized in two words: Your success. 


A streamlined approach
to take you farther, higher, faster. 

When we engage with you, we don't automatically assign an army of people and services.  Our approach is to carefully review your goals, assign a person or assemble a team that's the optimal size and skill set for the job, and make sure you're working directly with the people who are doing the work.

You get exactly what you need;

you pay for precisely the services you use. In this way, we can provide a full range of outstanding communications solutions with great efficiency. No huge overhead. No bloated retainers. No ten-people-around-the-table meetings.

No kidding. 


We're not just here to make a living; we want to make a positive difference for the people, places, products and services that we visit, use, and believe in. Challenges that get our minds turning and blood pumping.  Initiatives that fire our imagination. Goals we subscribe to so wholeheartedly that going the extra mile feels like a quick walk around the block. This enthusiasm shines through in the work that we do and the people we partner with. It's a simple equation: One part creative excellence and marketing savvy + one part healthy obsession for your product = a whole lot of marketing success.

Having a passion for what you do
is the best way to ensure it's outstanding.
Trust us to do what's in 
your best interest. Not ours. 

 As our name suggests, we're all about providing direction that's honest and trustworthy. And that starts with honest, trustworthy people. Count on us to give you

our very best efforts and work in your best interests. Trust us to collaborate with you, discussing options, offering insights and sharing opinions in a professional, courteous and always-candid way. Rely on us to be open, honest and exceptionally good listeners. We're here to help you any way

we can. And if we can't, we'll recommend someone who will.

Fair enough?  









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